We have discussed a few of the benefits for small businesses by using freelance services with the slump in the United States Economy. The ups and the down for both sides can be tricky, to say the least. We also spoke about how when our economy bounces back and forth, so does our business profits. We covered the aspects of business from both sides; the small company and the freelance.

We also went over why small businesses and freelancers profit when they work together. In a flagging economy, it makes good business sense for the two to unite in a working environment to expand. Small businesses are looking for good workers and freelancers are looking for good work. In this way, while larger companies are hard-pressed to turn a profit, small businesses can make a come-back.

When these types of relationships are made, both sides can become profitable, and this can only serve to better the country’s economy. All over the United States, small businesses are learning to do business by joining with freelancers to outsource their work and increase their bottom lines. It’s a love/love relationship.

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