While larger businesses and corporations may be the key to keeping the country’s economy equal in relation to the world, small businesses and self-employed workers are the key to keeping the country’s economy in tilt with the general population.

The average American will do business, on average, with at least five small businesses per day. Not sure about this number? Try it yourself during your normal day and see what you come up with. We’re not talking the big conglomerates here, but the franchises like McDonalds, the local Dollar Store, and the corner gas stations that are all run and owned by local people. They may have a big name sign out front, but the store you walk into is still owned by your neighbor, and employs those who live in the area.

When small businesses hire out it creates more cash flow in the local population. When freelancers work for small businesses it helps those businesses to grow by saving their bottom line so that they can be more productive in other ways. In short; the businesses grow, freelancers have more pocket money, and the local economy profits from both sides.

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